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Bluebarge- Development and test a new Cold Ironing model

Funded by the Horizon Europe program, "BlueBARGE" involves 14 diverse partners to develop a comprehensive solution for "power bunkering". BlueBARGE will enable the development and testing of a new "cold ironing" model through a shore-based power supply to support the offshore electrical power of moored vessels. This approach aims to limit polluting emissions and greenhouse gas footprint. The project follows a modular, scalable, adaptable, and flexible design approach, facilitating commercialization by 2030 and providing a comprehensive solution for "power bunkering".

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a new cold ironing method
Bluebarge concept

One of the primary benefits of the electric barge lies in its rapid deployment capability across various locations, minimizing the necessity for expensive and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades in ports and harbor anchorage areas. Additionally, the barge can be configured to accommodate different renewable energy supply options and designed to facilitate a modular approach, utilizing containerized energy supply modules. BlueBARGE is set to introduce an innovative hybrid concept that merges the higher energy density of lithium (Li-ion) batteries with the inventive solution of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB), enhancing safety and extending service life.

REGBES will be responsible for the development of interfaces; from port to barge and from barge to ship. One of the most challenging tasks in the project to provide a safe and reliable connection when the vessels are of the port.

Other responsibilities include development of alternative use cases such as the use of power barges during disasters to provide power to the affected regions, such as earthquakes.

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