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Innovative interface


for e-vessel charging and alternative fuel delivery


Regbes provides autonomous charging systems and shore power systems for e-ferries, cruises and other marine vessels.

Is it hard and dangerous to connect  electric ferries and other vessels to the port side power sources? Does it take time?

We do offer a modular product to answer these questions with a confident YES and NO respectively.

Save Time, Money and Nature NOW!

That's why REGBES developed the most robust and reliable charging system on the market. This unique system is robust enough to work in all weather conditions, even extreme ones. Automatically identify the plug type and location and connect!


Patented design adds modularity and help provide a single station with multiple means of delivery. With the help of the smart interface,  not only electric plugs but alternative fuel plugs can also be connected.


Regbes  also designed the system to be used  as an alternative to a conventional cable management system—so you have options when it comes to how you set up your vessel's charging needs.

Regbes product lines are designed by an experienced team in maritime industry—feel confident knowing that this product is built on decades of experience and innovation.

  • Innovative and patented charging solutions

  • Safe

  • Repeatable  connection under various weather conditions

  • Appropriate investment costs

  • Easy installation

Check our smart system in action. Tracks the ship side plug in almost real time.

Check the product in action while following the plug.

Autonomous connection 
Deliver electric or alternative fuels

pngegg (1).png


Shortest connection and charging times.

Initiate charging < 30 secs

pngegg (2).png


Safe operations with autonomus systems.

Robust under worst weather conditions.

pngegg (3).png


Reduces maintenance costs

Affordable product and service prices.

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